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Work With Us

Our Group offers you also a platform, where you will see all details about the photoshoots.

For Videographer / Cinematographer

Your mission, as a selected videographer will consist of:

  • Telling the story of the experience through your videos;
  • Capturing what makes this experience unique;
  • Ensuring that the activity you are capturing follows the description
  • Prepare to record  ≈ 40 seconds per shot.
  • Prepare the frame – line up your shot and hold it. Shooting on a monopod is preferable, but handheld works too if you have image stabilization.
  • Prepare your camera before you film – do not adjust your aperture or shutter speed while shooting.

Settings & equipment

  • 23,98p FPS
  • 24p FPS
  • Full HD: 1080x1920p
  • ISO (BASE ISO TO 3200 ISO)
  • H.264 MPEG-4/AVC
  • 1080p
  • Record sound with an external microphone.
  • Manual focus. (Auto If need)


  • Always capture ambient sound and full spoken audio clips.
  • If music is playing in the background, kindly ask that it’s turned off.(If possibale)
  • If you can shoot with an external microphone (ex: rode) it’s better.
  • During filming, minimize your dialogue on camera – especially in crucial moments.


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